Dead Space franchise getting a second comic

EA is really taking this videogame comic thing seriously. Last year they released one for Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, this week has already brought announcements of future ones for Dante’s Inferno and Mass Effect, and now Dead Space‘s little Wii brother, Dead Space Extraction, is getting one as well.

The M-rated comic is a collaboration between EA and Image Comics. Those who have checked out the first Dead Space comic will have a pretty good idea of what to expect as Extraction once again makes use of the talents of writer Antony Johnston and illustrator Ben Templesmith whose familiar style can be seen from the special edition cover shot that EA sent out today. Comic-Con goers can step by EA’s booth to pick up this edition for $2. The not-so-special $3 retail copies will hit the streets this September, just in time for the game’s late September/early October (Sept 29 in the US, Oct 2 in Europe) release.