Former Visceral heads to work on an existing franchise at Activision

EA’s Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno studio Visceral Games has lost two of its top guys, GM Glen Schofield and COO Michael Condrey, to Activision following what was called an “intense” recruitment. EA is (on the outside) fine with it. But what will the former heads of the studio that fought to build an original property be working on at Activision’s new San Fransisco studio they’ll be heading? Oddly, an already existing franchise.

“We are currently hiring employees to work at a new studio that is opening in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. Glen Schofield along with Michael Condrey will lead the studio which will be creating a new game based on one of Activision’s existing franchises,” Activision said in a statement today.

More details will be provided about the game at a later date, which gives us plenty of time to start rumor and speculation in the comments below.