I am Iron Man…again

Marvel icon Tony Stark will be returning to the big screen as well as the videogame consoles next year. And since it’s the Comic-Con time of the year, Sega has released the trailer for Iron Man 2 the game, oddly before the movie has even released their trailer.

The video shows off the metal protagonist beating up some robots, shooting laser beams, and zooming around in the air like he ought to be. The video also features the voices of Robert Downey Jr. (the black guy in Tropic Thunder) and Paul Bettany (the really white guy in The Da Vinci Code) in their respective roles of Stark and robot sidekick, Jarvis. The hero also foreshadows some villains, so some bad guys familiar from the comics will probably show up as well.

Expected release for the game is April 2010, shortly before the movie itself is schedule to hit theaters.