Need for Speed NITRO crashes onto Nintendo systems in November, Paul Walker not included

EA announced today that Wii and DS owners would be able to get their ride on when Need for Speed NITRO launches on November 17th. Whereas Need for Speed SHIFT for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC will be taking the series down a more serious road, NITRO injects the nitrous tank with crazy juice for a rip-roaring, car-jumping good time. The game is the first been built specially for Nintendo consoles, with the controls being crafted for motion control and stylus play. If motion isn’t your thing, every other control scheme imaginable is supported, from the Gamecube controller to the Nunchuk.

Need for Speed NITRO brings back many of the series’ well-known features, including cop chases, car customization, and absurd doses of speed. New to NITRO are the cartoony art style and environmental graffiti, which paints the background with your car’s design whenever you take the lead. Sadly missing this year are the live-action cut scenes that adorned the past five NFS titles. While this may be something to celebrate for many fans, this reporter doesn’t know how he will survive a holiday season without cheesy green-screened goodness.

November 17th is only 118 days away, peoples. Get to saving!