Sam Raimi to direct Warcraft movie

The long rumored Warcraft movie has now moved into reality as Legendary Pictures and Blizzard have signed Sam Raimi, of Spider-Man and Evil Dead movie fame, to direct the much anticipated film. Not only that but the producer of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Charles Roven, is also working on the project. This news almost certainly solidifies the movie as being a live action film rather than a CGI animated film that we’re used to seeing out of Blizzard.

We’re hoping that because of how lore rich the Warcraft universe is, it will easily transition into an epic fantasy film. We’re also hoping that Raimi shakes off his last couple films, Drag Me To Hell and Spider-Man 3, and comes back to the director’s chair fresh and ready to make a kick ass adaptation.

We’re interested to see what part of the story they choose to focus on. I’d personally like to see them go through the down fall of Arthas and his transition into the Lich King, but even the early parts of the lore with Grom Hellscream would make an interesting flick. Whatever they choose to do we hope that the cast is solid and that it isn’t as campy as the Spider-Man movies. Perhaps Raimi will break out of his shell and make a true Warcraft movie that fans and non-fans alike can enjoy.