Battlefield 1943 defeats records on both fronts

Gamers love online-only WWII shooters featuring vehicular combat, destructive elements, and a community challenge to kill 43 million. How do I know this? I know this because Battlefield 1943 has totally demolished download records on both Xbox LIve and PlayStation Network, selling the most copies in both the first day and the first week of release on either platform. These feats have lead to a whopping 600,000 downloads since the July 8th launch date.

Even more impressive is the toppling of the aforementioned 43 million kill challenge. After its official start on July 10th, gamers massacred the crap out of each other to reach the benchmark in only 5 days on XBL, with PSNers trailing only slightly behind at 8 days. Producer Gordon Van Dyke says that he is “honoured” by the response the game has garnered thus far, as he very well should be. Not many people in modern history have called for the deaths of 86 million and gotten away with it. I tip my hat to you, sir.