EndWar sequel in the works

A team at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio is working on a sequel to last year’s voice-controlled real-time strategy game Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Videogamer reports. Ubisoft creative director Michael De Plater, who worked on the first game, said that he “couldn’t put a time” on when we’ll see anything of the sequel, but that the Shanghai team is focusing improving the story in single-player as well as depth.

With the sequel, he said that they “have a really good understanding of what to do,” and “solved lots of the hardest problems, which are accessibility, camera, controls, rendering that many characters, having that game work in 3D, our online as well, having persistent campaigns, having persistent player armies, so we’ve kind of done the hard stuff.”

“Even given we’re obviously saying what we did wrong and so on, it’s still one and a half million units,” De Plater said. “Even with those faults it’s still up there.”

“Compared to strategy games it’s really successful. We beat just about everything – everything except Halo [Wars] – for the last three years that’s come out. For a strategy game that’s a huge success. For a console game that’s not such a big success.”

De Plater also notes that they’re in the same position as other new IPs like Crackdown and Mirror’s Edge. At 1.5 million copies they’re breaking even, but having great difficulty rising up from that level.