Feast your eyes on the Spitter

She’s a beaut isn’t she? Just recently we saw the new special infected for Left 4 Dead 2 in action but we didn’t actually land eyes on her directly. We only got to see the effects of her spit attack going on in the background. To recap, the Spitter lobs a green spit luger at you that puts an area of effect on the ground that will damage anyone with in the area. We already foresee a well timed Spitter attack in conjunction with a Boomer attack. Have the Boomer rush in and vomit on the survivors disorienting them while pinning them with the sudden wave of zombies, then simply drop a Spitter wad at the feet of the pinned survivors and the rest will be history.

The recent wave of screenshots prove that having the lights turned on still can create an imposing and eerie atmosphere which will hopefully tone down some of the outcry against Left 4 Dead 2. They also show off some of the weather effects Valve had mentioned in action with the dense fog and rainy skies. The more Valve shows us of L4D2 the more we think it’s going to be a bigger and better game than L4D which causes to wonder if the boycotters jumped the gun a little bit with their protests.