Age of Conan proves pro bono gameplay works

At the beginning of this month, Funcom made an offer to players that had left the Age of Conan MMO; come back for a few weeks of free play to make sure the decision to leave was the right one. Now that the promotion is over, Erling Ellingsen, director of communications, is calling it a success with “server activity booming, and entire guilds have made their return to the game.”

Ellingsen told Videogamer, “The feedback from returning players has been really good so far, and it seems that the game’s massive changes since launch is making a big difference for them. We’re very excited to see the renewed interest among former players!”

Not only have people been returning in droves, but details on an upcoming update have also been revealed, giving Age of Conan players something to look forward to. While there is no definite release date, the update will improve guild features, such as the ability to gain renown by actions performed by members. Guild will also be ranked and allow for sieges between guilds and monster hunting.

It is amazing what a few free things can do for the popularity of a game.