Band Hero revealed via pretty people party video

Reveal trailers, like teaser trailers for upcoming movies, are usually designed to induce strong feelings of desire and anticipation in their audience. This is usually achieved through stylistic visualizations of what the final product is to resemble, and if one is lucky enough, a minor glimpse at the product itself. In that regard, this trailer for Activision’s upcoming Band Hero (a game I can’t define the purpose of without having an existential crisis) is successful in its aims. That is if watching a group of twenty-something actors over-zealously singing/banging/strumming away at their peripherals compels you to do the same.

From what I gather, the game is set to include a collection of “the biggest pop hits”, including songs by Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, No Doubt, All-American Rejects, Jackson 5 and many more. And for the first time ever, the Guitar Hero series will enable dudes to enter a girl’s apartment with little to no resistance and begin rocking out without even pretending to sync their guitar controllers. If you watch closely enough, you can catch a flicker of actual gameplay on the television screen in the video, but for a much better look, check out the gallery.