Dante’s Inferno cartoon will do anal, and you don’t even have to get it drunk!

During the San Diego Comic-Con’s panel on Dante’s Inferno, director Vic Cook shared more than I really cared to know about the depths the upcoming animated feature will plumb. “You’re gonna love it,” he said. “We’ve got Dante literally being shoved up a monster’s butt.”

The hero of EA’s newest action-adventure title turned into a hell hound’s butt plug – who wouldn’t love that? The straight-to-DVD depiction of hell’s nine delightful circles, being overseen by Dead Space: Downfall‘s Film Roman, will be worked on by a number of different anime studios and shipped alongside the game. It will also explore more sinister, and dare I say sphinctery territory than it’s videogame counterpart.

“In the original game script we wrote that Cerberus was going to shove Dante up his ass…it was a crazy, crazy scene. We just couldn’t do it in the game for a lot of reasons,” added Executive Producer Jonathan Knight. “To have that moment that was in the game script that was cut from the game to show up in the animated feature is just really cool.”

I doubt Dante feels the same.