Kaz Hirai to keynote Tokyo Game Show ’09

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai – Kaz to his mates – will once again deliver a keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show. This year the topic is ‘new tactics for 2009’, a title which doesn’t give a huge amount away. The speech is scheduled for September 24, 10.30am Tokyo time, and will last two hours. Execs from Bandai Namco, Capcom, Sony and Square Enix will be on hand in the second half for a panel discussion about market strategy.

The last time Hirai gave a keynote speech at the TGS was in 2007, where he revealed the DualShock 3. Speculation is already flying about whether the PS3 slim will be announced this time around. Don’t even mention the cursed phrase ‘price drop’ – every time someone says those words, a baby orphan dies…