Master Chiefu-san in Halo Legends trailer

Bones, Production I. G, Studio 4°C, Toei Animation, and Casio Entertainment have offered eye candy to the world. The debut trailer for Halo Legends is out and it’s looking pretty awesome. Shinji Aramaki, the creative director of the Appleseed films, has been in charge of shaping the collection of seven short films into a wonderful piece of the Halo universe.

The trailer has a space station, a guy in robot armor, aliens with glowing eyes, plasma sword fighting, giant explosions, more guys in robot armor, space jets; basically it’s going to have everything a Halo or an anime fan ever wanted.

Previews for Halo Legends will be on Xbox Live this fall on the expected Halo Waypoint with a DVD and digital media release of the full collection sometime next year.