New Rage recruitment video believes in you

Do you have what it takes to kill mutants? They’re ornery, uncivilized, dangerous and the most harmful threat that you, a Society Enforcer, will ever be up against. Wasteland Operations are an important aspect in the rebuilding of our noble society, carry that burden with pride. You might also have engage in the wholesale slaughter of other humans, but so far that part isn’t too clear.

Rage, a 3rd (sorry!) 1st-person shooter from id software that looks like a mix of Crackdown and Red Faction: Guerrilla, seems to be doing what it’s trying to do well. The problem I have is trying to get excited about a game that just feels so much like other games. So far Rage hasn’t proven it can break past its tired setting and aesthetic to be able to give us something different. This trailer was sadly no exception. It does look pretty though.