Prices change as XBL Community Games get more indie

Xbox Live Community Games hasn’t exactly been the most successful element of XBL’s winning formula. Much like Apple’s App Store, it didn’t take long for the service to become cluttered with simple cash-ins and otherwise mediocre offerings. So what is there to do when your Community Games aren’t performing as expected? You change their name and how much they cost, duh…

The name change from Community Games to Indie Games was announced last month, but the change in pricing is the real news. Previous to this update, Community Games would sell at set prices of 800, 400 or 200 MP. That’s essentially been halved, allowing for games to now sell for as low as $1.00 (or an unheard of 80 MP), and only as much as 400 MP, with a 240 MP price mark holding down the middle tier.

There’s some other neat features that have come along with the update, such as international compatibility between the Indie Games portals of countries such as Japan, Germany, Singapore, and Sweden, as well as a reputation system for developers and automatic update notifications. I still think the name change is huge in and of itself, since now these games will seriously boost my indie cred, instead of before when I was just increasing my community…ness.