Slaphead is back in debut Command & Conquer 4 trailer

Here’s the debut trailer for Command & Conquer 4 to stuff into your eye holes. There’s no gameplay footage to speak of, but that doesn’t really matter. Why? Because there’s plenty of the series’ outrageously hammy, gloriously goateed sci-fi nonsense to make up for it.

It’s 2062, and the world is about to end. Tiberium infestation levels have reached critical levels and it’s really, really rainy. For the first time in history the warring factions of The Global Defense Initiative and The Brotherhood of Nod must put aside their differences and unite in saving mankind from extinction. Kane, the evil leader of the Nod arrives at the GDI headquarters, to meet face to face with his arch enemies. What will he do? What could he possibly say after all these years?

To be honest I’m not really sure. But it does look like the 3rd most bad-ass baldy in history has a sexy new bowling ball and he’s ready to hit the lanes. Could world salvation rest upon a bowlathon? Will the GDI and the Nod wear the same team shirts? Will the bowl have shoes in Kane’s size? All these questions, and more, to be answered when Command & Conquer 4 hits shelves next year.