Stargate MMO on the verge of collapse?

Things are not looking good for fans of the Stargate series who’ve been waiting to dive into a videogame based on the sci-fi franchise. A few years ago the first-person shooter Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, developed by Australia-based Perception, got canceled after a legal mess with publisher JoWood, dashing any hopes of a game with the voice cast of the original series. But then came around Stargate Worlds, an MMO set in the Stargate universe that seemingly had a lot of good things going for it. Until the company developing it, Firesky, ran out of money last fall.

But despite the setback, development has continued as the management has been on the lookout for investors, though according to an anonymous ex-employee, the game may be on its last legs.

The ex-employee says that unless new funding is found by August 1, which is just a week away, MGM will pull the license. The best chance for that not happening at the moment seems to be a group of doctors who are considering putting $8 million into the company, something the ex-employee doesn’t believe will actually happen.

In response to these claims, Firesky’s Shane Hensley however says that while “MGM certainly isn’t thrilled with our current situation,” they do not have “any specific indication they’re pulling the license on any particular date.” He does confirm that the doctors are one of the potential investors but that they also continue to talk to others.