Bungie: Natal doesn’t make sense for Halo

Ever since Project Natal was revealed at E3 this year, there has been speculation over how the new tech would be integrated into Microsoft’s existing franchises. Could Natal be the way to make the legendary Halo franchise even cooler?

According to Bungie senior designer Lars Brakken, that’s a long shot. In a recent chat with CVG, Brakken made sure they knew how cool and innovative he thought Natal was, but that he wasn’t quite sure how it would work with Halo. “I think that Natal has some really cool technology,” Brakken said. “If it makes sense to use it in some way I could totally see it working, but we would have to figure out what makes sense to use Natal for.

“Obviously it doesn’t make sense to use Natal for a full Halo control scheme. At least in my brain I can’t think of a way for that to work right now. That doesn’t mean that it can’t work in the future but I think Natal could enhance things. It’s so far off it’s hard to think about how it could work in a Halo game.”

While I’m sure there are some who would like to see the Halo franchise try something crazy to shake things up, Brakken’s comments make a lot of sense. They are almost exactly the same as the quotes from multi-platform devs on why they haven’t put more thought into the Wii.

The big difference is that the Wii is the leading console and Project Natal doesn’t even have a real name yet. Besides, isn’t Microsoft’s plan with Natal to attract the casual Wii gamers while at the same time keeping their FPS and RPG crowd? They won’t do that by trying to fix a Halo franchise that isn’t broken.