Dead Space: Extraction not just for Wii?

The Wii-exclusive prequel to freaky horror game Dead Space may not actually be as exclusive as previously thought. During an ‘art of making a horror video game’ panel at Comic-Con, an audience member asked if the game could make it onto other platforms. Executive producer Steve Papoutsis remarked that the question was ‘interesting’, and that Dead Space Extraction was exclusive to the Wii ‘right now’.

Strange choice of words, although the on-rails shooter seems an unlikely candidate for direct translation to the Xbox 360 or PS3. Regardless, the team have to be concerned about keeping the game as a Wii exclusive, considering the poor/unremarkable sales figures of fellow mature titles MadWorld, No More Heroes, TheHouse of the Dead, etc. Papoutsis was later asked about a possible iPhone version, which he said sounded ‘pretty cool’, but he remained tight-lipped about any plans the team may have.