The story of Asteroids… a nutshell

When I first heard that Hollywood was planning to make a movie about Asteroids, a game that saw release in 1979, I laughed…very loudly, while making the conclusion that movies must be really jealous of the fact that videogames are proving more popular by the day.

After I stopped laughing, I collected myself and wondered just how the film industry could make a movie about a game whose sole “story” is “pilot ship to wreck rocks.” I just got my answer.

Apparently, the angle that they are going for is the “relationship” angle, where a pair of brothers have their bond tested in throes of space. I remember another movie using this plot as well, and it happens to be right here.

With that in mind…will this movie do well? Im really not sure; the only way I could see this movie doing well is if Michael Bay gets his hands on this and makes the ships transformable robots while making the rocks very, very large. Not sure if it will do well critically, but it will draw a lot of people to the seats.