Video of the Week / July 26

With little contest, the juiciest video of the past week is the gameplay trailer for Borderlands. When it hit this Thursday, it came totally out of the blue. There was no ridiculous announcement of an announcement preceding it. No, it just dropped, kicked ass, and had everyone talking about the game. The trailer might as well have a “forget the grey monotone post-apocalypse crap you’ve seen in the past, Borderlands is coming and bringing some attitude” text splattered all over it as that’s sure as hell what it conveys. It’s one of those trailers that sells a game, or at the very least makes those who weren’t before take notice and pay attention. Which it most definitely has done.

Jordan Fehr: While I am in frenzied anticipation for Scribblenauts, I am voting for Borderlands this week. I already knew Scribblenauts was amazing, and this new trailer only confirmed it, but despite the new footage of crazy things to conjure up, I didn’t get any wow factor that wasn’t already in place for that title. That being said, I didn’t really care about Borderlands until this video came out, and now it is on my watch list. The trailer is well put together, the censoring is funny, and it really shows what a unique game they are trying to make. I have a sweet spot for post-apocalypse that could be clouding my vision, but I am watching this to see if it can deliver.

Chad George: I am with Jordan here. I had already been enchanted by Scribblenauts before this video was released, the ability to equip a senior citizen with a sniper rifle or conjure Medusa just sealed the deal. Then I saw the Borderlands video and the game immediately removed Lee’s favorite Barbie game from my top spot. Anytime a developer pokes fun at itself, a’la the 87 bajillion guns remark, I am on board and am ready to take note of anything remotely related.

Aaron Yorke: I’ve always said it would take a special trailer to beat rabbids playing with thongs, and the Borderlands video does the trick. I love how they demonstrate the new “role-playing shooter” genre by showing a monster being shot at while the words “LEVEL UP” appear on the screen. That clip captured the best aspects of both genres in a matter of seconds. Great song choice too.

Emmanuel Petti: I don’t usually get over excited about trailers as they’re nothing more than PR hype bullcrap. 90% of the trailers are all the same, if you’ve seen one trailer for a first-person shooter you’ve seen em’ all. The latest Borderlands trailer however is different, it’s well produced and has tons of motion graphics to support the in-game footage. Rarely do we get to see trailers that are put together on a movie level quality and it’s nice to see a game like Borderlands get that treatment. I was already excited for the game, probably the most excited I’ve been since Half-Life 2, and this trailer just made me want the game even more. October cannot come fast enough.

Some other trailers and videos we liked this week: