Dead Space: The Movie wants to cut off your legs

Videogame properties are so hot right now in Hollywood. Throw a dart at your game collection it will probably stick in something that has either been made, is being made or has been optioned to become a movie. It doesn’t matter that they usually stink up the cinema like a month-old Necromorph corpse, they’re obviously making somebody some money, so they keep on coming.

This week it’s the turn of EA’s sci-fi/horror limb-lopper Dead Space to get the Hollywood treatment. According to Variety, the EA Redwood Shores (now Visceral Games) game is on its way to the big screen with D.J. Caruso onboard to direct.

The project is still at an early stage with EA, Caruso and the producers currently listening to ideas from prospective screenwriters. The Variety report states that once everybody has agreed on the creative direction of the project, they will auction it off to the highest bidding studio, most likely around September this year.

As Variety notes, EA currently have a few movie projects in the pipeline. An adaptation of the forthcoming action game Dante’s Inferno is on its way following a four-studio bidding battle, as well as versions of The Sims, Mass Effect and Army of Two, all of which are in various stages of pre-production.

While news of a Dead Space film is new, EA’s ambitions to turn the game into a film project are not. Speaking to TVGB last year, the creator of the game Glen Schofield (now of Activision) told us that he could see Dead Space “making a great movie.”

Schofield envisioned a smaller, more intimate film as opposed to a huge, ten million dollar blockbuster. As far as the subject matter is concerned, he said that the story he helped create for Dead Space allows for multiple interpretations. “There’s over a thousand people on the ship and we don’t know them all.”

The Variety article also mentioned that EA are currently working on Dead Space 2 and 3. This remains unconfirmed.