Fat Princess rolls onto PSN this Thursday

The weig…wait is nearly over for PlayStation 3 owners eager to get their hands on Fat Princess, as the plump patrician will take her throne this Thursday in North America, Europe, and Asia. This fast-paced, 32-player hack ’em up was originally unveiled at Sony’s 2008 E3 Press Conference, and has enjoyed rotund anticipation and gargantuan fan support ever since.

In Fat Princess, a team of troops has to work together to keep their potbellied princess anchored. Using a number of high-impact weapons and environmental hazards, each squad will also have to slaughter the sneaky enemy scouts trying to infiltrate their base and help their fellow soldiers bring the other side’s bulky beauty home. The 32-player online action ran smoothly during the beta, with the full version packing several unique single and multiplayer modes to keep the cake coming.

Fat Princess will set you back $14.99, a steal when you consider how much princess you are getting per dollar.