Forza 3 swerves in with a firm release date

We knew Forza 3 was coming sometime this fall and sometime in October. But we didn’t know the exact date. Until today, that is. Shacknews reports that Microsoft will release Forza Motorsport 3 in North America, exclusively for Xbox 360 naturally, on October 27 and it will retail for the usual $59.99. Those of us willing to lay down the cash for preorders will be rewarded with the ability to download an Audi R8 V10 that features a fan-designed custom paint job, which was selected by Forza’s online community. And for gamers who really want to express how much they hate Gran Turismo 5, GameStop’s selling their own exclusive Limited Collector’s Edition for $79.99. It’ll grant players VIP status in the Forza community, access to exclusive cars we can’t afford in real life, and a 2GB USB thumb drive to boot. Ya know, just in case our Xbox Avatars need to, ahem, ‘compensate’ for something.