Shock your sack, boy

While all the finger pointing, mud slinging, and booger flicking continues about the new Avatar Marketplace versus PlayStation Home, another “mini-us” prospers. Maintaining a low profile, Sackboy ignores the debate over such trivialities as whose avatar is better and just keeps on sewing amazing things onto itself.

The perfect example are the good and evil inFAMOUS costumes, one is above and the other after the jump, that Media Molecule is releasing August 6. No fuss, no muss; just electrifying goodness in lovable, huggable form for only a small fee. Not only that, but Marvel Comics are showing the sack some love by releasing some concept art for their contribution to the hit game at Comic-Con this year. Among possible costumes are Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man, but none have been confirmed.

We are hoping for a Juggernaut costume simply so we can say, “Don’t you know who I am?!?”