Gearbox dodges questions about Halo 4

Rumors have been churning around the interweb space about Gearbox possibly working on Halo 4 for a while now. What we already know is that Bungie will be leaving the Halo IP behind after Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach which leaves the franchise to be continued by other developers.

When asked about Halo 4 recently, Gearbox dodged as gracefully as a novice boxer. “Haha! We’re not going to talk about anything…,” said Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s CEO, before getting up to end the interview and tripping over more of his words, “We can’t talk about that.”

Now of course this isn’t an admission of any kind but it also isn’t being denied. We can’t be 100% positive that Gearbox is working on Halo 4, or will be. However this proves that it could be a very real possibility and that excites us. Yes Bungie is the true Halo developer, but if Borderlands is any indication of Gearbox’s ability, it piques our interest to see what they would do with the Halo series. True or not, it’s a very interesting prospect to ponder.