Sony’s EyePet brings my dream of a monkey/puppy hybrid to life

When I first heard about EyePet, Sony’s part monkey, part puppy virtual pet, it was for PAL regions only, meaning I’d have to fill that monkey/puppy shaped hole in my heart by other means.

But a year and several failed attempts at creating my own adorable abomination later, all I have to show for it is a yard full of tiny head stones. Which is why I am absolutely thrilled to learn that the PlayStation Eye-based title will be seeing a stateside release in time for the holidays. According to Engadget, who’ve spent some time cuddling up to the Beta build, EyePet will be on store shelves by Christmas as both as a standalone game and bundled with the PlayStation Eye camera.

I haven’t touched my PlayStation Eye since the early days of Eye of Judgement‘s release. Though the idea of being able to control and interact with these fantastic creatures initially appealed to me, despite the fact that I’m not really into card games, the novelty wore off quickly. Way too quickly. But now I know it’s because the monsters couldn’t wear costumes, scamper after soap bubbles or jump on a trampoline! It’s like Eye of Judgement got dipped in a big vat of glitter, ribbons and rainbows. That sound you hear is my ovaries exploding.