Square Enix reveals GamesCon 09 line up

Square Enix, now bolstered by Eidos’ titles, are coming to GamesCon this year with guns blazing. On top of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV they’ll be showing off Batman Arkham Asylum, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Mini Ninjas, Order of War and a playable version of Supreme Commander 2. Not a bad line up if you ask us.

Of course Square is proclaiming that their showing will be “unforgettable” and promises to deliver a diverse range of titles, which is a surprisingly true statement. “This year’s show promises to be unforgettable with world premieres and our most diverse range of titles to date,” exclaimed Larry Sparks, VP of Brands for Square Enix. More than anything, we’re interested to see what new things will be shown. But until the event kicks off on Aug 19, we’ll just have to sit tight and dream.