Xbox dashboard update preview invites hit inboxes

Normally, our inbox here at TVGB is filled with one of five things things: love letters from our readers (thank you), hate mail from other gaming blogs jealous of our awesomosity, press materials, news tips, and the occasional letter from a Nigerian prince. Imagine our surprise when we checked today and found a personal letter from Bill Gates himself welcoming us to the Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update Preview program. And by Bill Gates, I mean a mass email program at Microsoft which randomly selects participants from a pool of eligible entries that he is probably too busy to even know about… yeah, THAT Bill Gates.

For those that applied on the Microsoft Connect website, be sure to check your email also as the first wave of preview participants have been notified and, as of this writing, should be able to update their systems. Also, Major Nelson just let us know, via Twitter, that the second wave of invites should go out tomorrow. So if you did not get in today, have patience. A good way to pass the time would be to leave comments down below about what we should be looking forward to when the update is complete.

Oh, and if anyone else hears from that prince, let us know. Our bank still has not received any transfers.