Updated / 38 Studios needs 50 to 100 million to finish Copernicus

Update: Well it appears we have it all wrong when it comes to 38 Studios and its project Copernicus. Shortly after posting this we received word directly from the horse’s mouth that the figures mentioned were just general costs of developing an MMO industry-wide and that 38 Studios “never discloses financials”. They also stated that the Dec 2010 release date estimate is just a rumor and is not an official date.They did tell us however that the company “will release Copernicus when the project is complete to the Studios standards and satisfaction”. So in short, the entire post below is worthless, unfortunately we could only check as far as our source which is usually reliable, but in this case they were not. Sorry for the confusion.

Original story: Curt Schilling of American baseball fame needs someone, anyone, to bankroll his on-going MMORPG project code-named Copernicus. Now that his main career is over Schilling has devoted his full attention to his game development house 38 Studios, and is currently fielding investors to help keep that project afloat. The company needs a fairly significant chunk of change in the mere 50 to 100 million dollar range. So if you know any multimillionaires who like MMOs, send them Curt’s way.

The money is needed to fund operating costs that recently went up after 38 Studios acquired the Maryland based Big Huge Games. It probably also costs a decent chunk of change to employ the likes of R. A. Salvatore and Todd MacFarlane, but hopefully not 50 to 100 million. But because of those names, the project potentially has a lot of promise. It however doesn’t help that we have seen very little of Copernicus even though 38 Studios claims the game is 60% finished and slated to release in Dec 2010. Hopefully the game finds investors and we eventually see what the combined talents of Schilling, Salvatore and MacFarlane conjure up.