Codemasters unleashes Overlord II DLC today

It’s been only a month since we’ve had the pleasure of enslaving villagers and clubbing baby seals to death thanks to Overlord II. But publisher Codemasters is already coming out with a batch of downloadable content for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Battle Rock Nemesis DLC–which is available for download as we speak for 400 MS points from Xbox Live Marketplace and $5 from PlayStation Store–introduces, what else, the ‘Battle Rock’ arena to the Netherworld. In it, players can practice pounding on Nordburg Hunters and Gnomes to collect more life-force or they can engage in a series of boss battles against ominously-sounding foes such as the Satyr, the Empire‚Äôs Champion, and the Phoenix. If successful, players can unlock goodies like more powerful spells and in-game items for their Overlords and minions. Up to 100 Achievement points await 360 owners in the DLC. And up to diddly squat await PC owners because Codemasters has yet to announce anything for the PC. Too bad minions can’t pillage and plunder downloadable content, eh?