Kratos statue can still kick your ass

Sideshow Collectibles is an amazing creative team. Currently working on statues from several properties, including James Cameron’s Avatar, the Indiana Jones franchise, and Marvel, they are also making our god complex dreams come true. While watching the company’s Comic-Con panel video, Gamervision discovered that the sculptors are crafting two statues based on the God of War series.

At 1:03:35 in the video, the Sideshow team talks about the selection process of their characters and drops the fact that they are also working on a diorama for Kratos. The sculptors also discuss how they tried to capture Kratos’ hatred for Zeus and translate that into the statue.

This is really an interesting look at the creative process, we just wish the sculptures were ready now. We probably could not afford them if they were, but we enjoy looking through windows and imagining the battles we could be having.