Silent Hill: Shattered Memories wants to know what scares you, then use it to scare you

Konami’s Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has my heart beating a little faster than usual, and not from a Harry Mason meme-inspired laughing fit, but from the adaptive storytelling mechanic designed to tailor the bejeebus-scaring frights to one’s own personal fears.

The Wii-bound re-imagining of the first chapter in Konami’s foggy horror franchise is taking a page from Left 4 Dead”s big book of fright by analyzing your playing style and adapting to maximize the scares. Though not nearly as complex as Left 4 Dead‘s AI Director, the seven question personality profile you’ll be asked to complete at the beginning of the game is just the jumping off point for building your “fear profile,” used to create a creepy experience unique to each player.

“The more you play it, the more it plays you,” has been Konami’s catch phrase, and according to a recent experiment by Siliconera, it’s more than poster fodder. Depending on your answers to the questionnaire, different locations will be accessible, different dialogue delivered and different backstories revealed. Even the personalities, occupations and appearances of the various characters you interact with during your sojourn to Silent Hill will be affected by whether or not you ticked “true” or “false” to “enjoy[ing] role-play during sex.”

I found the Silent Hill series scary long before it learned how to incorporate my own personal phobias into the story, so this should be great fun. Great all-the-lights-in-the-house-on fun.