World of Warcraft has a huge…

..userbase. What? What did you think it was going to say? Oh, you filthy minded gamer you!

NPD data supplied to Gamasutra shows that Blizzard’s MMO has sold 8.6 million copies to date in the US alone. That number includes all SKUs that have hit the shelves since the title’s 2004 launch which include the standard edition, Collectors Edition, the Battle Chest that contains the base SKU and The Burning Crusade expansion pack, and the two expansions, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of The Lich King, as stand-alone units.

According to GS’ math, World of Warcraft has brought in $258 million worth of revenue from from US retailers alone. On top of that, if the 11.5 million worldwide subscribers Blizzard reported last December is accurate and each of those is players coughs up the ~$15 monthly fee, the game currently brings in ~$170 million each and every month. Which is.. something every other MMO out there dreams of.