Alan Wake takes from Gilmore Girls, not other games

According to Remedy’s managing director Matias Myllyrinne, the long-awaited Alan Wake isn’t taking cues from other videogames but is looking to other mediums for inspiration instead.

“We don’t really look at other games that much for our source of inspiration,” Myllyrinne said. “I think we borrow from other forms of popular culture. We look at films, music, books… so a TV series works out well. Twin Peaks has been a favorite. So if you look at the location you can see that kind of quaint, small town with deep, dark secrets underneath. Or even the Gilmore Girls.”

Myllyrinne points out that the story in Alan Wake is of course very different, but when it comes to the location, gamers aren’t safe from Gilmore Girls influences.

Alan Wake, recently confirmed to beĀ an Xbox 360 exclusive, is expected to arrive next spring.