Call of Duty Classic for the rich first, then who knows

In 2003, a little WWII shooter by the name of Call of Duty hit computer screens across the land. And it was good. 6 years later, the franchise has spawned four sequels and made its way onto every platform known to man, generating enough revenue to convince Activision that they can sell Modern Warfare 2 with a 10% price increase. And that kind of blows, but at least the games themselves are still pretty darn good.

If you want to relive those early days when Nazis weren’t zombies, Infinity Ward was still in its infancy, and Activision wasn’t doing everything in its power to yank every last dollar from your calloused gaming fingers, then maybe you’ll want to spend some time with Call of Duty Classic, the XBLA/PSN port of the game that started it all. And there’s a few options to acquire it.

First, you can purchase the Hardened version of Modern Warfare 2, open up its shiny tin case and use the token inside to download the game while you flip through your Call of Duty artbook. Second, you can go the distance and pick up the Prestige Edition. This option involves everything the first option entails, except now you can play Call of Duty Classic with your brand new pair of night vision goggles until you get evicted for blowing your rent money on the mother-flippin’ Prestige Edition of MW2, or until you fry your retinas to the point of legal blindness because you’re forced to wear them all the donkey-kickin’ time to make the purchase financially viable.

The third and what should’ve been the most logical choice is to simply buy Call of Duty Classic on its own when it becomes available on XBLA and PSN. However, the only word we have on when it will be released as a standalone game is the word “eventually”, courtesy of Infinity Ward’s community manager and barer of bad news Robert Bowling. So get it with a special edition of Modern Warfare 2, when you’ll most likely be spending all your time playing Modern Warfare 2, or wait indefinitely. At least when it does “eventually” come out it’ll have fully-functional online multiplayer. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope time has been kind to this old gem.