Drum, strum, or sing with your Xbox Avatars in Guitar Hero 5

Activision has announced that Xbox 360’s Avatars will playable characters in the upcoming September 1st release of Guitar Hero 5.

Alongside importing and playing as them in songs, you will be able to customize them in Create-A-Rocker mode, donning them in whatever clothes, costumes, and instruments as you like. The avatars can be played alongside the normal Guitar Hero characters like Judy Nails and Axel Steel, or with the Guitar Hero 5 specific artists like Carlos Santana.

With the combination of this the other features announced, my superstar team of Santana, Midori, and my avatar all using drums will finally be realized! Or at the very least, look incredibly strange.

Either way, at least watch the video. Song 2 by Blur is always awesome to hear. Well, that and the avatars are quite amusing to watch rocking out.