Warren Spector’s “Epic Mickey” is a creepy classic in the making

Its delightfully dystopian concept art first revealed by Supererogatory, the mystery Disney project from Deus Ex‘s Warren Spector, dubbed “Epic Mickey,” just got a little less mysterious thanks to CVG‘s intrepid investigatin’.

According to their sources, this fantastical, steampunk romp through a ruined Magic Kingdom will be a Wii exclusive, with players using the Wii remote “to paint [their] way through levels…drawing, etching and erasing whole or parts of levels as [they] go.” It’s an interesting concept, one made even more so by and  intriguing story revolving around old-fashioned and forgotten Disney characters like the ones pictured in the bizarre beach invasion above. And to answer your unspoken question – yes, those landing craft are sporting the distorted, deteriorating faces of the Seven Dwarves.

Crumbling Epcot domes. Mechanized narwhal whales. Scorpion Country Bears. Precariously perched Cinderella castles. Warren Spector and his Austin-based, Disney-owned Junction Point studio are taking the mouse in an entirely new, and entirely exciting direction. There’s been no official confirmation from the house that Mickey built, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that the finished product remains as fanciful and freakish as these scant details imply.