Wii Sports nears 50 million sold

We here at TVGB wade through tons of boring financial reports and news releases for the latest ColecoVision game. Thankfully we are not the only ones with this kind of dedication, or else we would have missed the fact that Nintendo has sold almost 50 million copies of Wii Sports since the game’s launch.

Released in a supplement to their earnings statement, Nintendo gave us gave us a look at sales numbers for their top-selling games for this past quarter. Between April and June, the company had four items sell over one million copies with only one of those, Pokemon Platinum for the DS, being a new release.

The aforementioned Pokemon game, that hit the US in March, sold 1.91 million copies, bringing it to a total of 5.6 million worldwide. All the other top performers have been out for awhile now, but are still selling like hotcakes. With WiiFit shipping 3.6 million copies, making the total 21.82 million for its life to date. MarioKart Wii upped its total by 2 million to 17.39 million. And the winner, by a landslide, was WiiSports with 1.91 million sold to keep it the king of Wii at 47.62 million copies, including those included with hardware bundles.

That is a lot of casual game action going on. A lot.