7 days around the MMO world (Aug 2)

While the summer heats up, the game industry seems to be cooling down. With some big conventions looming in the horizon it feels like most developers are holding out on us. PAX, BlizzCon and GamesCon are all just around the corner and it appears most devs are keeping their traps shut for the mean time. So instead of bringing you commentary on the latest news developments we’re going outline the best upcoming MMOs that you should be keeping your eye on.

Huxley The Dystopia just entered its 2nd closed beta test in North America and is finally starting to materialize after almost falling into the vaporware category. The reason why you should check it out is simple. It’s goddamn beautiful and has true FPS gameplay that rivals Unreal Tournament. The game’s release is still probably a good ways out, however the progress is promising. The shooter aspect of the game looks fantastic mashing twitch with traditional MMO mechanics. The questing and exploring aspect of the game looks like Tabula Rasa only done right with much prettier graphics. If you like MMOs and you like FPS games, then Huxley should be a title you keep your eye on.

Every day that passes it appears like Aion is going to be the next big thing in North America and Europe. It’s already been out in the Asian markets for a while now with a fair amount of success and its pre-order has topped Steam sales recently. With players being burned out on World of Warcraft, people are looking for the next fantasy MMO. Aion is looking to fill that void. The reason why you should check this out is because the CryEngine-powered MMO is one of the better looking fantasy MMOs we’ve seen to date. The combat animations are over the top and the game features class sets we’re all familiar with. Will Aion change the MMO industry? Probably not, but it will be a great alternative to players who are tired of other fantasy MMOs but still want to play fantasy in a world where sci-fi MMOs are taking over.

The Agency is another MMO that’s also on our radar and is another game like Huxley that almost fell victim to the vaporware monster. Although part of their team was let go recently The Agency made a rebound during E3 showing off some really cool demos. It’s on our radar because it’s a very different type of MMO and like Champions Online is to be cross-platform. Something about being a spy and role playing as a James Bond-type character is very appealing to us. What we’ve seen so far looks very promising as the gameplay looks engaging supported by beautiful visuals.

Another MMO you might want to keep your eye on is Global Agenda. This is another game that’s still a ways out but it could shape up to be one of the better sci-fi MMOs out there. It’s another MMO that’s being powered by the ever popular Unreal Engine 3 and like The Agency features a secret agent motif supported by a sci-fi environment. Right now the game is in closed beta but word on the street is that Global Agenda is shaping up to be a hit MMO.

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