Burn Zombie Burn developer suggests digital sales should be revealed

Even in this economy, people are still buying games with some even going towards the convenience of digital distribution but what are the actual numbers? Burn Zombie Burn! developer DoubleSix wants to know and they’re looking towards Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft for the figures.

“I do wish that all the platform owners would make their digital sales figures public. We feel this lack of transparency is hindering the development of these channels. We’re happy to back this opinion up with the release of the figures for Burn Zombie Burn,” studio head James Brooksby told Gamasutra.

Reaching 70,000 units sold since the release of Burn Zombie Burn! in March matched targets according to the developer and it expects to sell more with the addition of expansion packs, bundles, a release in Asia and some space in Home. “I’d like to see some kind of verified sales charts on all digital systems to encourage more developers to support these channels and to help make sensible investment decisions.”