Life stops for many as Blizzard inexplicably suspends World of Warcraft accounts

Drug addiction is a vicious vicious thing. The human body grows a dependence on something in such a strong way that to all of a sudden stop outright turns out affecting said body in a bad way. Some call it Cold Turkey. To that end, imagine if an addict’s dealer all of a sudden said “no.” Imagine the pangs and suffering that the addicts must face, leaving them clutching themselves tightly, shivering, and asking no one “why?”

This is (almost) exactly what has happened to a few addicts of World of Warcraft, as Blizzard recently went on an account-suspending spree that may have more than a few innocent casualties in its wake. The suspendings were aimed at accounts using a digital payment service called PaymentOne, which has some service in effect that bills players’ ISP’s for their WoW subscriptions. As of now, Blizzard has stated that they are willing to discuss the matter, though as of yet nothing as happened to get these unfortunate addicts their monthly fix.

For those that did use PaymentOne, they are in a pit of something fierce. Seems some of their charges were unauthorized, and thus have negative balances on their Blizzard accounts. Worse, PaymentOne is being none being too helpful. Reports from the WoW forums have addicts mentioning that they’ve been either transferred back to Blizzard or hung up on when attempting to call their customer service. Brutal. Seems WoW isn’t the only victim of PaymentOne’s bowl of stupid, either. Just do a search for “PaymentOne fraud” and see for yourself.

Addiction is never a healthy thing, for certain. But to cut folks off cold turkey without warning is just plain vicious. When it’s a harmless, time consuming and productivity destroying addiction to a beloved videogame, it just makes it seem all the more harsh. Here’s hoping for those folks.