Updated / Rumor / PS3 Slim confirmed…maybe?

Update: The Amazon.de listing now returns a ‘page not found’ error.

Original story: We’ve all heard the rumors concerning Sony’s possible release of a “PS3 slim”. Will we hear about it this summer? Is it even real? Will it double as a hoverboard? Who knows, really. It’s all been rumor, speculation, and sketchy youtube videos until now…maybe.

An official Amazon pre-order listing for a “Playstation 3 Konsole Slim” appeared several days ago on Amazon.de, the German version of the popular online sales company. If this early listing is for real, it’s likely that Sony will unveil the sleeker, more compact version of the console at a scheduled press conference on August 18th. This would more than likely (*crosses fingers*) result in the predicted original PS3 console price-drop.

I wouldn’t take any of this too seriously, though. It’s just as likely that Amazon, without any knowledge of the PS3 Slim’s actual existence, listed the product early in order to reap the benefits of some serious rumor-powered web traffic.