Video of the Week / August 2

This week’s top dog in the video realm is the multiplayer footage debut of Modern Warfare 2. It came with little warning and gave a good reminder why after almost two years the first Modern Warfare still remains one of the top played online games on Xbox Live — Infinity Ward knows how to craft a good multiplayer experience. By introducing customizable killstreaks and the AC130 gunship which got everyone talking, they’ve proven that once the game hits in November, players can expect plenty more than just cosmetic upgrades and new maps.

Evan Kutsko: “Modern Warfare 2 and Activision haven’t been getting the best press as of recently, what with all the price increases and shunning of PC gamers. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that MW2 will likely be one of the best looking and best playing games this holiday season, and this multiplayer trailer was quite the kick ass reminder. AC130 gunships and customizable killstreak bonuses? Where do I sign up?”

Jordan Fehr: “I have seen some things in other Modern Warfare 2 videos that I didn’t like, such as the one-handed sideways firing of pistols from a snowmobile for example, and this multiplayer video doesn’t demonstrate a lot of the technical aspects of the mutiplayer and its modes … but it does have something very important: IT LOOKS AMAZING! The technical details in this video have far more to offer me than some of the things that were done with Killzone 2 and you can color me impressed with the style. Every little thing in this video is stunning. Let’s just hope the audio mix has gone through some tweaking in MW2, so we can appreciate the experience even more, as opposed to CoD4s setting of ‘everything plays super loud at the same time’. They have my attention again, wow.”

Tommy Lawler: “MW2 is badass, and badass always wins. Controlling an AC130 in combat is badass. Guns are badass. Shooting guns is even more badass. But shooting BIGGER GUNS? Wow. Badass may even need to be revised to a badasser word like… superbadass. There’s so much badassing I don’t know how to process it all. Then he throws a badass grenade over a copy machine and gets tons of experience points for it? I mean come on, Infinity Ward. Stop the badass. When does it, in fact? DOES IT? Don’t hurt me you manufacturers of badass!”

Eric Wigdahl: “Seeing your personal Avatar adds to the experience of pretending you’re a rock star (even though Rock Band has pretty much had that ability the whole time). Plus, that is the most fluid and human appearing the Xbox Avatars have been to date. Also, those avatars have more stage presence than 3/4 of the bands I play sets with on a regular basis.”

Chad George: “The developers seemed to be having tons of fun talking about the game, powerups, and crashing into each other. If it looks like a good time when someone is just talking about the game, that most likely will translate to actual gameplay. Plus who doesn’t love the ability to drop a mine behind you and let an opponent get blowed up? No one doesn’t love it, that’s who.”