Here come the ViDocs again

It looks like Nathan Fillion is keeping himself busy despite the shocking lack of Firefly on TV airwaves. He’s Sergeant Eddie Buck, leader of his ODST team stationed in New Mombasa. He took a little time out of his busy schedule of killing Covenant forces to introduce you to his team. In this little Halo 3: ODST documentary, we get to see long range specialist Romeo, heavy weapons expert Dutch, ace pilot Mickey, and of course “the Rookie.” Malcolm Reynolds…er..I mean Sergeant Buck continues on describing the various weapons and tech you’ll get to use during the game, which suggest a more open-world environment (navigation data from the city of New Mombasa) as well as stealth tactics (emphasis on silenced weaponry).

There’s a very human element you can glean from this video. A kind of military camaraderie you really couldn’t get when your previous role in the Halo series was the last genetically engineered super soldier called Master Chief. Instead, you’ll be stepping in the shoes of the Rookie, an ODST that “doesn’t say much” but gets the job done. Okay, not much of a stretch from Master Chief, but it’ll be interesting to see the human side of the Halo saga when the game arrives in September.