Milla Jovovich talks about Resident Evil: Afterlife and loving money

Speaking with ShockTillYouDrop, Milla Jovovich drops a bombshell that gives her the honorary title of Captain Obvious. When asked about why she and her fiancé/producer/director Paul W.S. Anderson decided to make Resident Evil: Afterlife, her response was very blunt. “The movie makes money. If it makes more money than the last one, you’d think that people want to see another one, so we’ll do another one. It’s not like I said, ‘Hey, honey! Let’s do another one right away!’ I mean, it’s an expensive film and it’s all business and if the third one didn’t do well, there wouldn’t be another one.” And while she’s showing off her superior math and business skills, Anderson has been researching 3D films to rake in even more money for Resident Evil: Afterlife. He has even hired James Cameron’s 3D company to help with the production.

You really can’t fault Milla Jovovich for cutting right to the chase. Artistic integrity be damned. If your movies are making bank, you keep churning them out until you’ve squeezed every dime out of the Resident Evil fans.