Miyamoto talks business, obvious things

When gaming giant Shigeru Miyamoto talks, people listen out of respect for what he’s accomplished and out of hope that he’ll spill the magic beans for the next Zelda. The senior managing director for Nintendo and Mario’s dad had an interview with Mercury News in which he talked about digital distribution, Sony and Microsoft’s new motion tech, and how Nintendo is handling the current weakening gaming economy.

While it has saved everyone a few trips to their local game store, Miyamoto feels that digital distribution will never completely replace the retail model since hardware is required as well. “If I look at Wii MotionPlus, this is something that you’re not doing via digital distribution,” he said. As for surviving the big bad economy, Miyamoto claims the best way to keep sales up is by “…concentrating on creating something that people want.” When asked about Sony and Microsoft developing their own motion controls, he was positive about the innovation and offered a little cautionary statement, ” For other companies starting from zero and trying to figure out how to get it out there at a decent price point is a big challenge.”

Can’t download new controllers, people buy products they want, and motion controls are tricky to work out – touché, good sir.