EA planning on aggressive marketing for Brütal Legend, Dragon Age

During their fiscal first quarter conference call today, EA CEO John Riccitello said the main reasons last year’s critically acclaimed Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space didn’t do as well as expected was because they “managed to put these [games] right on top of some very strong competitive launches.” Despite both games being “solid businesses” for the company, they “just didn’t meet the expectations we had in fiscal ’09.” EA was also “less than pleased” with their marketing execution — a mistake they do not intend to repeat this year.

“[..] we are addressing all of those issues this year, in particularly with [Brütal Legend and Dragon Age: Origins]” Riccitiello said. “With regard to Dragon Age, it’s a title coming from BioWare. It’s got a built-in audience given the strong reputation of BioWare, and Brutal Legend is one of the most unique franchises I’ve seen in a very, very, very long time. So we are stepping up marketing. We’re going at it aggressively.”

Right then. Brütal Dew, anyone?