TMNT Re-Shelled 360 launch trailer emerges from the sewers

Delivering another (critical) blow of nostalgia to many (including me), Ubisoft released the Xbox 360 launch trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, set to pop out tomorrow, August 5th. I’m sure this game will bring back memories for many, so I’ll share a few of mine.

I remember getting the game as a Christmas present for my Super Nintendo, 17 years ago. Ecstatic, I placed the game in, choose Donatello and proceeded to beat the stuffing out of every foot soldier I encountered for the rest of that day. However, what my child-self didn’t expect was the difficulty of the game. I got so many Game Overs just trying to beat B.C. 2500000000: Prehistoric Turtlesaurus that I was on the verge of destroying things. The hit-and-run dinosaurs and Stone Soldiers didn’t make it easier, and the boss of that level made my playthrough hell. That punk destroyed every tactic I used and shredded my life to bits in only a few hits. Nonetheless, I felt awesome when I finally beat him weeks later. After him, I thought I could beat the game.

Then I proceeded to the next level and got slaughtered by Frisbee throwing Foot Soldiers. Fun times.

Does anyone have any interesting stories from playing Turtles in Time? Share your stories in the comments.