WarDevil back on the 360

We first heard about WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within when the Xbox 360 was referred to as Xbox 2 and current-gen was still officially next-gen. The game was originally slated for a 2005 release but, yeah, that didn’t happen. Then in the first half of 2008 we learned it was a PlayStation 3-exclusive, saw some new shots, a teaser trailer, and got a promise of more media hitting in the future. But that didn’t happen either. And here we are, in mid-2009, with no clue when this admittedly stunning looking project will be released.

But one thing has changed — developer Digi-Guys have revealed that the previously scrapped Xbox 360 version will be seeing daylight after all. And not only that, it will be released alongside the PS3 version on day one.

When the game will actually be released or when we’ll learn more about it is anyone’s guess, but publisher Ignition Entertainment’s website did change recently and is showing a shot of WarDevil as the first thing the visitor sees with “coming soon” plastered all over it. So they might actually be getting ready to spill the beans soon..hopefully.